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This forum will mostly be based on RP and Bleach.
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 ~ General rules for everyone ~

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Kira Izuru
Kira Izuru

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~ General rules for everyone ~ Empty
PostSubject: ~ General rules for everyone ~   ~ General rules for everyone ~ Icon_minitimeFri 10 Oct - 12:13

Hi everyone~  king

Here i'll made the list of some rules that must be respected by every single person in this forum.
If you see or suspect someone to pass over those rules, PLEASE, Contact one of the admins to report that person and the reason why you are reporting him/her!

Thank you~ Very Happy

So let's start with some easy one:

RESPECT! This is very important to respect all of the member in the forum. I can't allow fighting between members out of the RP section AND I don't want members to leave because they are not respected by someone.

BULLYING, Isn't allowed in any damn way! Evil or Very Mad If someone is repported for bullying and there's a proof of it... The concerned person will be banned from the forum for an undeterminated time. All depend on the situation...

3° With the rules 1&2, will follow the anti-rascism, anti-homophobia or any kind of discrimination rules. It's the same as bullying. Those who will be repported will be banished for an undeterminated time.

4° For each reply in the RP section there will be a minimum of 3 lines. It's a minimum to gives other ideas for their own reply.

5° Well it would be really apreciate if everyone was cautious about their orthographe. No one is perfect, we all agree about it and i also watch over mine, because english is not my mothertongue and i'm far away from the perfection.

6° There will be only one copy of each Bleach character. Ex: Izuru Kira (me) will be the only roleplayer with that name. So no one could create a Kira Izuru because it's basicaly the same character.

There is a model for both presentation. Please use it to introduce yourself. Also at the end of your presentation you needs to add a word to let us know that you have actually read those rules. The word is : wakarimasu, that means "i understand" in japanese.

8° For those who wants to do a rp rated M there is a section created specialy for it.

9° If you have any question, please contact our admin staff and we'll be happy to answer Your question.

10° If some of you wants to do a private RP, Please include: PV (Name of someone) in the tittle so there will not be someone else who come in the RP without permission.

11° There is a section where you can, no, must say when you have to absent yourself for more than 3 weeks. It would be really appreciate.

12° The size of the avatar must be 180x300 pixels and the size of the signature 500x200 pixels.

Now let's have fun !!!!
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~ General rules for everyone ~
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