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 Akuuma Luxemcore

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Akuuma Luxemcore

Akuuma Luxemcore

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PostSubject: Akuuma Luxemcore   Akuuma Luxemcore Icon_minitimeWed 15 Oct - 15:25

Name: Akuuma Luxemcore
Age: 200-something
Weight:about 250lbs of muscle
Height: 6ft 9
Birthday: 17th October
Race: Arrancar
Profession: Serving Aizen
Affiliation: Aizen's Army
Position: ???
Zanpakuto: Leona-Hime

Physical description: Akuuma has bright orange eyes and pale skin which is tattooed with tiger stripes all over including his face and hands. He has midnight blue hair which
runs in layers down to the bottom of his back, he has a variation of the Arrancar uniform which he either wears open or closed and sometimes with gloves. Akuuma's
uniform has a jacket like appearance however the jacket is big collared and exposes a large portion of his chest which exposes his tattoos and large scar obtained from
trying to obtain a certain controlling ability over Leona-hime who acted up when sparring with Ggio Vega. His pants are tight and have the sides of his legs exposing
his tattoos which then are tucked inside large heavy shin high buckled boots. He tends to never show his hollow hole or mask to anyone if he can help it since he
dislikes both traits of what he has become. His Zanpukto Leona-Hime is a large 24 inch blade with a gold hilt and handle with ivory "Teeth"-like shapes hanging from the hilt,
on the blade is a crown burnt into the steel, a scar of the burden he wants to bear for his daughter.

Psychological description: A level headed calm and intelligent individual he has learnt to observe and plan ahead, having many traits of the espada such as a blood-lust for battle
and a passion for strength Akuuma seeks out only the very best of beings to battle against, his agility and tactic is very strong thanks to the amount of reishi he has
gained from battling the espada themselves, he is a quiet and thoughtful person only speaking his mind when he finds necessary. He thinks of Aizen in mixed ideology
as his zanpukto Leona-Hime has an opposite opinion to that of his graceful near on idolisation of the ex-shinigami. He's a bleach character with strong morals and a fierce streak, he has the heart of a samurai and the soul of a dandy resulting in someone ridiculously loyal and disgustingly in sync with everything around his being. His fore-sight is something to behold and Kaname is a proud master to his particular student. Akuuma is a quiet intelligent being who isn't very loud and prefers to stay away from the others by enclosing himself in the training grounds located on-site. He has no feelings toward gender and doesn't see anything wrong with sexualising anything.

Story: Born of Szayel's scientific experimentation with Arrancar strengthening.
Akuuma gained his strength and intelligence from the combination of the Espada's DNA the hogyoku and Szayel's experimentation,
Akuuma however does hold his own memories and believes that he has to face this life to make up for the death of his daughter in his human life.
The tiger type arrancar is incredibly fond of Grimmjow's legacy and enjoys being around people who he feels could strengthen his weaknesses.
Akuuma, like Wonderweiss, is a second generation Arrancar but is currently unseated due to the unspecified power he holds,
he is essentially part of Aizen's back up plan as a result of Aizen planning for his capture by Soul Society.
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Kira Izuru
Kira Izuru

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PostSubject: Re: Akuuma Luxemcore   Akuuma Luxemcore Icon_minitimeThu 27 Nov - 19:52

Luxemcore-san i woulld ask you to add few lines to your story. If you took the model of presentation i made as exemple, there's a minimum of 10 lines.
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Akuuma Luxemcore
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