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 Hara Aiko

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Aiko Hara

Aiko Hara

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Date d'inscription : 2014-10-09

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PostSubject: Hara Aiko    Hara Aiko  Icon_minitimeMon 13 Oct - 23:13

Name: Aiko Hara
Age: 19yo in appearance, but she's 110
Weight: 47 kg
Height: 1m60
Birthday: November 17
Affiliation:6th Division, Gotei 13
Position: 3rd seats

Physical description:

Appearance, the easiest part to describe. First of all, I want to specify that I have Japanese and American traits. The curve of my eyes is like a Japanese, but the color is different from what we see in Asia. I'll tell you all why a little later. My eyes are blue with a shade of grey at the outline pupil. Now something we can't forget, my hair. You could tell that I love pink, so in winter, I'm easily noticed. When it's summer time, my hair shine and are usually lighter with a meek aspect, less..weird. I hate bein' too classic so i had coloured two strands of my hair in blue.

I have a thin face. I have a rather pale skin because I'm half American and half-Japanese. When i'm not wearing makeup, my cheeks have a pale shade of pink, which is very cute. To complete the description of my face, i'll talk about my lips. They're totally normal ! It's not like Angelina Jolie or Jessica Simpson's lips. It's like candy we want to taste. A man told me this a few times ago, i didn't believe i heard that. I'd say i'm a natural person, so i hate when there's too much makeup. For a special event, I could tolerate to put some, the thing is, i don't want to look like a barbie. When I go out, a simple mascara and lip gloss is enough, but when i don't have enough time, i just don't care if i haven't makeup. About my size, I'm 5'3. I'm not too small or too tall, and about my weight, i'm 47kg. I don't look anorexic, just healthy with a good-looking !

Psychological description:

First, I do not want you to think I'm pretentious or something like that, i'm not this type of person. In general, people tell me that I'm nice, I'm good company and I'll always be there to listen to these people if they have some problems. I am also generous with my time, I will do everything I can to help people around me. Sure, I will not give money to a stranger, I am not that naive, but I could donate to an important foundation for example. Even in a busy day, if a friend needs my help, I'll always try to find time for them, even if i'm going to sleep early in the morning.

Now, about my faults. We consider more the bad things than the good ones. We do not give good respect to ourselves if we always decrease our personalitie. In my case, I would say that I am reserved and a little shy, but I improved myself. However, it's not because i'm shy or reserved that i'll not talk to the person to my left. I can have a normal conversation. I don't mind if you don't believe me. I am also a little bit clumsy, not as much as some people, for example, badly calculated the distance I have between me and the wall or things like that.  I am also a little bit spiteful, but I quickly forgive, it can also be a bad thing. Why ? Because people will say: "Oh, it doesn't matter, she forgives everyone. It's goin' to be the same for us." I am not a good liar, but sometimes, I put aside my problems to have better moments, to concentrate on what i'm doin', but I do have my moments of weaknesses. Sometimes, I need to be alone in my bed at night. I'll cry all night long because i don't want to show this weakness to someone else. I just want to show how strong i am.


My family and I always lived in the first district of Rukongai. My family was good enough to be able to live there. With all the rumors that I've heard with the other districts, I thought how lucky i was to be here, near the doors which separated Rukongai to Seireitei, a place I desired of the deepest of my soul. For that purpose, I have to tell you my story, how I was able to go to the place I dreamed at night, in the business I wanted to practice, and it is true by knowing that, I left my family behind, my wonderful family. So, let's get started by the begenning. Obviously, everything began with the meeting of my parents. It was not a meeting filled of roses petal. It was rather a bloody meeting, but not as you think. My mother was capable of helping sick people, heal the wounds and all these kind of things. When my mother walked in the main path of the first district, she had seen my father having injured in his hand. I can tell you that it was love at first sight. I arrived some times later. They called me Aiko Hara, the love child, because they believed that I had a certain power of love, well, they had the intuition of it.

I was their first child, so it was hard at the beginning to know what i want, what i desire, luckily, I did not die. I'm joking. For a first child, my parents did a great job. Often, parents make errors, they don't know how to react to certain situations. Mine knew how to managed me. Over the time, I grew up, so fast that i didn't see the time passed by. When i was six years old, I went outside to see my new friends who approximately had the same age as me. My mother had to force me to come back home, I had so much fun with them. My mom repeated always the same thing.

"What ? You don't like your parents ?"

Followed by a smile because she didn't want me to take her seriously. She didn't want to scare me. Don't think i hate my parents only because i was with my friends. I love my parents sooo much. I can't hate them, whatever they do. Well, bein' in the first distric, it's perfect. We don't have any problems. We can almost hear the breathing of the shinigamis on the other site. I always wanted to see what it looks like, it was a dream. When my parents told me that i can become one of them, i was sooo happy, but i haven't enough strengh. I was only a little teenager.

After all these years, i still have my friends on my side. We were talking about bein' a shinigami togheter. We wanted to be togheter forever no matter what happen. Our parents support us, everyone, but my parents didn't love the idea, they don't want to see me dead. After all, it's normal.

"We want you to be happy, if that's what you want, we are goin' to be on your side, whatever your decision is."

After this, i gave them a big hug to show my love and i thank them so much. Well, after few weeks, my friends and I had the entrance exam for the shinigami academy. We were so nervous that we could not sit still for more than two seconds. As soon as we finished, our lives depended on our results, the teachers and the administration's opinion. We have to wait for the results because it's not something you can take lightly. We had to wait less than a week. If we are chosen, we are goin' to become famous shinigamis !

[Will continue later]
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Hara Aiko
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